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Top 12 Things to Consider when touring a preschool.

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Top 12 things to consider when touring a preschool:

  1. Teacher Experience: Inquire about the teachers' education, training, and experience in early childhood education.

  2. Curriculum: Understand the curriculum's structure, make sure the curriculum fits your child and what your looking for in an education.

  3. Learning Materials: Assess the variety and quality of learning materials, toys, books and resources available to children. Does your school have a library?

  4. Daily Schedule: Review the daily routine, including a balance of learning, play, meals, rest, and outdoor time.

  5. Outdoor Play Area: Inspect the outdoor space for safety, age-appropriate equipment, and opportunities for active play.

  6. Indoor Environment: Consider the classroom layout, organization, and ambiance to foster a conducive learning atmosphere.

  7. Health and Illness Policies: Understand the preschool's policies regarding sick children, vaccinations, and health screenings.

  8. Transitions to Kindergarten: Discuss how the preschool prepares children for the transition to kindergarten.

  9. Philosophy and Values: Explore the preschool's teaching philosophy, values, and how they align with your family's beliefs.

  10. Teacher Tenure: Inquire about staff turnover rates, as consistent teachers can provide stability for children.

  11. Technology Usage: Understand the use of technology in the classroom and its role in learning and development.

  12. References and Reviews: Seek feedback from current and past parents to gain insights into the preschool's reputation and performance.


As you tour different preschools, keep a checklist of these factors and any other considerations that are important to your family. This will help you make a well-informed decision that aligns with your child's needs and your family's values.

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