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  • How do I schedule a school tour?
    We provide private/semi-private tours throughout the year based on request.
  • Where do I go for late drop-off/early pick-up?
    Please notify the office of plans, and go to the camp office for drop off after 9 am and pick up before 4 pm.
  • Are masks required?
    Masks are optional. *Subject to change based on current events and CDC guidelines.
  • Is Curiosity Academy taking Covid-19 precautions?
    Yes, Curiosity Academy follows CDC guidelines and practices frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
  • What do I do if I need to contact my child?
    You may call our Office (215) 348-7221, and we will connect you to your child.
  • Do you provide meals?
    No, lunch and two snacks must be provided by the parent.
  • Do you allow nuts?
    No, our campus is 100% nut free, and we strictly prohibit any peanut and tree nut products on our campus.


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